Am I too late for bitcoin party?


I wanted to ask if it is still a good idea to invest in bitcoin? or is it better to focus investments on some other promising crypto currencies?

Thanks in advance!

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I believe in the long-term future of bitcoin and several others. You aren’t really late, but your interest happens to coincide with a market downturn and a lot of bad news.

I personally think bitcoin will be higher before summer, but I don’t know whether I’m right or wrong nor what the future prices will be. No one does, so don’t buy on recommendations from random people on the internet, including me. :)

Do a lot of reading and take your time. People rushed in heavily late 2017l and many of them lost a lot of money. Buy slowly and in small amounts if you decide you want to invest. Take a long-term view. Day-trading is never successful for novices. It’s extremely difficult even for experienced traders.

Good luck and welcome again to TCF.


It's never too late. I started buying BTC only a few months ago. Recently I read an article Cryptocurrency exchange Canada by CO Pulse and I'm going to try my luck at some of them. I think Canadian blockchain start-ups and cryptoexchanges have high quality and reliability since the Government of Canada determined the legal status of cryptocurrencies. Want to use trading to get more crypto in the short period of time.


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I agree with the others. Bitcoin has more room to run. Especially after the last 2 months of price weakness. ICO’s and scams along with useless coins and tokens will fall by the wayside, but the major currencies and utility tokens will survive and eventually thrive.

Just my opinion of course.