[ANN] Royal Trade Coin - Private bank owned Waves Token

Discussion in 'Other Coins' started by RoyalTradeCoin, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Description of RTC token

    ROYAL TRADE COIN (RTC) is an international investment currency, created and issued by the ROYAL EBANK C.I. private investment bank. The currency is created for VIP investment clients who are interested in valuing invested funds and property protection. The money earned from the sale of tokens are intended to finance the investment development of ROYAL EBANK development projects and also within the framework of social responsibility to support ROYAL EBANK endowment funds and relief projects. The investment token of RTC was issued in the total value of ROYAL EBANK C.I. ie 1 billion EUR. Each owner of the RTC token who bought the currency directly from ROYAL EBANK will be able to open a VIP online investment and savings account free of charge at ROYAL EBANK C.I., where the funds are remunerated at a minimum of 4% per annum.


    2015 ROYAL EBANK C.I.
    2016 foundation of the EU-based ROYAL EBANK Endowment Fund
    2017 establishment of the ROYAL EBANK branch in the EU
    2019 creation of RTC

    Website: www.royal-trade-coin.com
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