Bitcoin and Ethereum’s killer Cardano — the world’s first mathematically validated blockchain!


Cardano was born in September last year, and it ranked top 20 in the cryptocurrency list when it airdropped to the cryptocurrency market. After a year, Cardona ranks top 9, holding almost $1.66 Cardona market cap. At the beginning we felt that Cardano ranked in the top 20 may be a bit overrated, but as our investigation deepened, we found that Cardano is very promising and indeed a good long-term investment. Today, we will take a deep look at this Cardano from Hong Kong.


Cardano coin is a completely open source blockchain platform. Cardano is the world’s first block of research-led and strictly scientific methods (mathematics) to prove rigor and security. Cardano’s goal is not to build an agreement similar to Ethereum, a smart contract, and Cardano’s goal is to build a hierarchical blockchain ecosystem. Cardano’s development team consists of a group of international engineers and scientists.

Sounds abstract? In a simple language, Cardano is a blockchain ecosystem that integrates digital currency (such as Bitcoin currency, Litecoin) and smart contracts (Ethernet, EOS). Cardano’s direct competitor is Bitcoin + Ethereum.

Cardano’s multi-layer architecture

In the design of the Cardano project, Cardano’s team believes that the current blockchain faces two very big problems:

An update to the agreement will result in a fork.

The performance and scalability of the blockchain is insufficient.

So Cardano proposed the architecture of hierarchically building blockchains. Cardano consists of two levels:

Settlement Layer Clearing layer: Cardano’s token ADA flows at this level and is the basis of Cardano’s entire system.

Computation Layer Computation Layer: Cardano will provide smart contract, identity authentication, messaging and other functions at this layer to facilitate developers to develop programs here.

Hido believes that this hierarchical design concept is very reasonable. Just like the TCP/IP protocol in a computer network, each level performs its duties. Adopting such a design concept not only reduces the risk of the entire network fork, but also enhances the scalability of the system from the vertical and horizontal directions.

Who is behind Cardano?

Cardano was developed by a Hong Kong-based IT company, IOHK. Founded in 2015, IOHK was founded by two heavyweights: Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood. These two are core members of the former Ethereum team. Here, Hidden has to say a few words about Charles Hoskinson. In addition to participating in the development of Ethereum, he also participated in the development of Bitshare. Therefore, he and V God and BM (the founder of EOS and Bitshare) maintain a very close relationship. It can be said that Cardano is a star product that has learned both Bitshare and Etheruem experience.

At the same time, Cardano also maintains close cooperation with the following world famous universities: Edinburgh University, the University of Illinois, and Stanford University.

In addition, the core development team behind Cardano: engineers, scientists, and operations officers, the total number exceeds an astonishing 50. It is no exaggeration to say that as a newly established blockchain team, Cardano’s team is the most professional and qualified team we have ever seen.

Development progress and RoadMap

Cardano has only completed the multi-layered clearing layer Settlement Layer, and released the main network and e-wallet. Many other functions are still under development. (That’s why we recommend this currency to everyone, because many features have not yet been realized, and Cardano has some room to grow.)

Look at Cardano’s Github, which is really active, reaching an astonishing 10,000+ submission, while its rival EOS’s Gitbub has only 1000+ submissions.

In September, Cardano did not release their RoadMap (development line). Surprisingly, last week we suddenly found out that their RoadMap was updated and written in great detail. Cardano is currently in the Byron phase and the next phase is Shelley. Interested friends can read it.

In general, we think Cardano is a very good project. Once upon a time, we thought that next year will be the three generations of Ethereum, Bitcoin and EOS.(But Ether coin has been througha rough time lately, even Vitalik stood up to smooth people’s skeptical and scared emotion) Now we think that Cardano is also a force to be reckoned with.


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