Bloodbath! Buy Crypto, Buy Stocks, Market Is Ready To Explode Higher!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin (BTC)' started by abu Nurullah, Nov 20, 2018.

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  1. abu Nurullah

    abu Nurullah Hodls on dips

    Bitcoin’s crashing, stocks are crashing, buy the dip!

    Investors are getting slaughtered right now, not just in crypto but all over the board, almost all assets are down in 2018 but this is a natural pullback after everything went up so rapidly in 2017.

    Portfolio Builder is not changing it’s positions at all today, despite a Bitcoin Cash meltdown last night, cutting t’s value in half for a few hours but rebounding this morning.

    The market has absorbed the selling and may finally have hit a 2018 low last night.

    Bloodbath! Buy Crypto, Buy Stocks, Market Is Ready To Explode Higher! –
  2. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    Everything is in free fall. US stocks, global stocks, high end real estate, crypto...

    Do we see a long global recession on the horizon, or will this be a short term healthy overall correction for the next global growth phase?
  3. Old Man Crypto

    Old Man Crypto Expert chainblocker

    Retired, can’t remember from what.
    One step ahead
    3 weeks later and crypto is still in free fall.

    Alts are down 95%+ Bitcoin down from $20k to $3500.

    I doubt many coins survive. I’ll bet the only people involved at this point were the buyers from before mid-2017. Everybody who entered after that has probably given up and sold or just forgot about their coins. No buying pressure at all.
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