Buying Monero (XMR) directly with GBP?


Hi there, as the title states, I'd really like to use something that allows me to buy XMR with GBP using debit/credit card as payment. Currently I am using Coinbase to buy LTC, sending it over to Poloniex then exchanging it to XMR before sending it to my Monero GUI Wallet - Only then am I able to make a payment with Monero. This means it can take me up to an hour to just make a simple payment and on top of that I am paying unnecessary (or what feels unnecessary) fees for this process.

Basically - Is there anywhere I can buy Monero with GBP using debit/credit card as payment?

Thank you.


Crypto Fat Cat
As far as I know, there aren’t any exchanges that allow fiat bitcoin purchases with GBP that also offer monero trading pairs. There are no exchanges that offer monero for fiat. So you’re stuck with the transfer delays you mention.

The only other option would be to use localmonero but the arrangements probably would take even more time and seem a little sketchier to me.