Can an exchange track my coin usage after I send it to my wallet?

Discussion in 'Beginner Q&A' started by crypto777, Jun 22, 2019.

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  1. crypto777

    crypto777 Contributor

    Hi. I am a beginner and have a few questions.

    First, I am very concerned about many scary reviews about Coinbase's lack of customer service and other issues. But mostly, I want to buy ETH to fund an offshore ***** trading account. This is not illegal at all for US citizens as long as they properly pay their taxes, which I shall.

    But Coinbase's terms of service prohibits such uses of cryptocurrency. If I sent my ETH from Coinbase to my Trezor wallet, and then to my offshore ***** brokerage, could/would Coinbase ever know? That is to say, could they track where the ETH goes after is was sent to my personal wallet?

  2. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    Theoretically they could, but it’s very unlikely they would track behind the first transfer to your Trezor addresses.

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