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Hey guys, this topic was created in order to tell you about the project which in our opinion can bring a lot of useful things to the crypto sphere and make a huge contribution to mass adoption and Listen2Earn sphere.

Crypto Emergency
is a community of crypto enthusiasts united by an ecosystem
with automated tools for daily financial transactions, storage of funds, creation
and promotion of fintech innovations.

We solve the problem of integrating cryptocurrencies from cash and settlement
operations to the introduction of tokenization in the banking sector at the state

To this end, at the initiative of the Crypto Emergency community, a number of
key products are being created:

- a tokenized Q&A platform for newbies and professionals in the fintech industry;
- a crypto university integrated with government training programs to train highly
sought-after personnel in the economic sector;
- programs to support startups, from obtaining funding to supporting projects
throughout the entire life cycle;
- all-in-one a set of tools with light interfaces designed based on the wishes of the
community for solving the daily tasks of a wide range of users (wallet, exchange,
depository, trust listing);
- a news detector that analyzes, using artificial intelligence, the veracity of
materials and their actual impact on cryptocurrency markets;
- cross-platform advertising and traffic generation tools with a high conversion
rate both through their own solutions and with the expansion of the advertising
network by partners.

Our specialists are focused on the constant analysis of trends in crypto communities and set themselves the goal of combining both existing solutions and developing new ones to popularize cryptocurrency among all population groups in different countries of the world.

Read our Litepaper:

The platform rewards active participants for the development of the CryptoEmergency ecosystem with CEM blockchain project coins, the application has a rating system. If you are a beginner and do not know where to start - welcome to us, teach and earn.

CEM is an open-source blockchain, officially registered on Chainlist as number 193 (CEM Blockchain), benefits:

- minimum gas prices
- confirmation of the transaction in the network - 3 sec.
- easy and convenient issue of smart contracts - tokens.
- possibility to create NFT with further placement on our NFT Marketplace (in development).
- easy integration with all crypto wallets, including our own wallet cemwallet.
- projects (startups) that have issued smart contracts - tokens - on our blockchain will be able to use our exchange (in development).
Crypto Emergency blockchain can be used in a variety of sectors, from virtual assets to large-scale manufacturing or small businesses.

CEM Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that allows safe and easy storage of cryptocurrency. Right now it supports BTC, ETH, BNB and CEM coins. Advatnages:
- easily earn interest on the crypto in your wallet
- see your collectibles. Art & NFTs in one place
- exchange your crypto without leaving the app
- keep your crypto safe from hackers & scammers

We have absolutely independent project, we have not attracted any investments, we have not asked for any help from foundations to be independent. We do everything with our own money.

Project links:
CryptoEmergency Platform: Crypto Emergency
Cem Blockchain: CryptoEmergency Blockchain
Cem Wallet: CEM Wallet
Telegram chat: Crypto Emergency Europe

We will share actual news about the project here. Any advice and adequate criticism of the project is accepted, we want to make a quality product that will be useful to people around the world, especially for newcomers who are just starting out



The first day of the Blockchain Life 2023 forum has come to an end​

The day was very productive! New acquaintances and partnership agreements.
There are a lot of interesting things to come - we will keep you informed!

Sincerely yours,
Crypto Emergency!





BlockchainLife2023. Day 2

- Had a short interview with Vyacheslav from Pro Blockchain project!
- Met a cool crypto blogger - Dan Magdanov. Expect a joint broadcast with Dan on our Telegram chat.
- We also had a chat with Stephan, co-founder of international payment service Cardex. We are waiting for Stephan on the air as well
- We met Vladislav Martynov and Alexander Bratchikov. We interviewed them for a short time .
With Vladislav we talked about his online courses about cryptocurrency, where you can improve your cryptocurrency literacy for free ✨ Alexander told us about his cool meditation app! Later we will meet live and discuss everything in more detail
- We met Andrei Anufriev too and were very happy about it!
We talked about our project and Nikita took a short interview about us, about our project Crypto Emergency. Andrey will also be on the air



"Сrypto Emergency" is a platform where you can find all the answers to your questions about the crypto industry.

The world's first specialized social network for interaction of all participants of the international cryptocurrency market, which is not inferior in content and communication capabilities to such social media as Facebook, Instagram.
At the moment, the platform supports 60 languages, which gives almost limitless possibilities of communication, searching and posting materials.

Download the iPhone app - [‎Crypto Emergency]
Download the Android app - [Crypto Emergency - Apps on Google Play]

Crypto Emergency (CEM) Blockchain
- CryptoEmergency Blockchain
CEM blockchain is an open source public blockchain platform officially registered on under the number 193.
CEM Blockchain Explorer [Crypto Emergency Explorer]

CEM Wallet
- CEM Wallet
The non-custodial CEM Wallet is a decentralized, secure cryptocurrency storage facility.

Download CEM Wallet for iPhone - [‎CEM Wallet]
Download CEM Wallet for Android - [CEM Wallet - Apps on Google Play]


The second day of the CryptoFuture forum.

Gained a lot of acquaintances. Our CEO Yan spoke from the stage, talked about the functions of our platform and our project in general, everything was cool. We share with you pictures.