Esports Betting Now Possible in US in New Supreme Court Ruling


In a new Supreme Court ruling the federal ban on sports betting has been deemed unconstitutional, thus opening the door for official esports betting to become a reality in the United States.

Sports gambling is a wildly lucrative industry, even without previous legality in states across the nation. According to Statista, the global gross gambling yield amounts to more than $400 billion every year. The online gambling market was worth more than $40 billion in the US by 2016. And esports gambling in particular is a growing portion of those bets, with a $325 million yield in 2016 that's projected to grow to $1.4 billion by 2020....

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Esports Betting Now Possible in US in New Supreme Court Ruling - Unikrn News


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Indeed good news for the growing eSports betting market.

I think this site will soon be preparing material on the eSports token options out there. With the growth projected for the eSports market in general, legalized betting could be even bigger.

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Op Ed piece on eSports betting in Fortune’s blogs today.

Unikrn does seem to be sitting in a good spot with a jump on the rest of this market.

From Unikrn To Skin Betting: How The Supreme Court's Sports Gambling Ruling Impacts Esports

With some caveats like this:

“Still, despite the vast implications of state-regulated sports gambling, changes won’t happen overnight. “This is going to be a very long process,” says Smith. “People are obviously excited about this decision, but we’re a hell of a long way from this being really implemented in a meaningful sense in America.”

While states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, West Virginia and New York are more readily prepared to begin implementing standards for sports gambling, the rest of the country is behind the ball – or not interested in the ball at all. Even then, unless states adopt a standardized set of regulations – as Sood hopes – there will be a myriad of different rules companies like Unikrn will have to wade through and consider. This is all to say bettors currently gambling illegally will likely continue for the time being, and possibly for the foreseeable future if their home states aren’t on board.”

Summary paragraph.

“Still, esports gambling has become even more of a reality with this week’s Supreme Court decision, and despite a lot of uncertainty and potential pitfalls, it being out in the open ready to be regulated seems to be a positive for nearly everyone making decisions in the industry.

“Gambling will always exist in sports in some form,” says Marty Strenczewilk, the cofounder and CEO of the multi-esports team Splyce. “Finding the right legal path forward allows the sports leagues, players and teams to benefit from the upside, instead of illegal companies. It also creates the safest consumer experience possible. It's a win-win if done right.”