Ethereum Scams More Than Doubled in 2018

Discussion in 'Ethereum General News' started by pepeg, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. pepeg

    pepeg Invests like a Pro

    Scams that involve Ethereum in 2018 have reached $36 million in damages to victims, twice as much compared to 2017. It appears that as trading volumes grow, more scammers join the ride as well...

    Ethereum Scams More Than Doubled in 2018 with $36 Million Stolen | AllStocks Network

    The biggest problem of these scams is that they ruin both the reputation of Ethereum and the entire crypto industry as a whole... Hopefully, more security measures will be implemented so the industry won't be tainted by these criminals.
  2. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    ICO exit scam losses top $100 million

    It’s our opinion that ICOs on the ethereum network contributed heavily to the 2018 crypto crash. So many fake projects. So many money grabs. So much money that could have been used for good development gone forever.

    We’re still stuck in this crypto winter mostly because of this.
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