Ethereum will have its own top-level domain .eth


A recent statement reveals how Ethereum's new partnership will allow its users to attach their addresses to the name of a top-level domain, allowing them to more easily remember the identifiers of their assets, digital portfolios and services.

The announcement refers to the association between the 'Ethereum Name Service' (ENS) - which allows users to replace long addresses in the Ethereum network by possible names to read - and the Mind + Machines Group (MMX), a company that operates and manages 'top-level domains' within the 'Domain Name System' (DNS), such as .com or .uk.

Once the .luxe domain is available, those interested can register their addresses with the MMX company, offering more friendly and easy-to-remember alternatives and accessing their assets in the Ethereum blockchain and DApps and smart contracts.

The MMX company also highlighted that:

The .luxe addresses will allow names to be resolved on the Internet in a normal way for email or web-based traffic, allowing users to perform traditional activities on the Internet with the same address used for their ethereum assets and services.

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