It Is Possible Bitcoin can go up to $100k says Max Keiser

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The host of ‘Keiser report’, a financial program on RT channel and who is also known as a bitter critique of the US dollar, ‘Max Keiser’ has always been among the Bitcoin’s most fierce supporter.

Recently, Keiser reaffirmed his prediction about Bitcoin price reaching $100,000 on Kitco news.

What's your point of view on bitcoin price?


Many believe that Bitcoin can reach $ 100,000, but we don’t know whether BTC will reach this value or not

Old Man Crypto

Expert chainblocker
I do believe in the potential of Bitcoin, but for me, it's highly unlikely that it can reach $100,000
Many said the same about $500, $1K, $2K, $10k, etc. And yet it peaked at $20K just over a year ago and still sits at $8K.

No doubt in my mind $100K is possible. That's 12x current price, which is 8x price at the beginning of 2017. So why not?