List: 5 best Litecoin Halving 2019 Price Predictions

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    List: 5 best Litecoin Halving 2019 Price Predictions

    Traders should take into account analysis done by pros in the market. Cryptos are tricky assets to deal with as their volatility rate is quite high and frequent. Thus, we made a list of best Litecoin halving price predictions made by crypto trading influencers. You can add these assumptions within your own fundamental (FA) and technical analysis (TA).

    1. Brian Kelly - Litecoin Halving Prediction 2019

    Director of BK Capital Management LLC., Brian Kelly, took a yearly route for his LTC analysis. Instead of predicting LTC’s price on the day of halving, it predicted a $600 price tag within 2019. He based his assumptions on the Bitcoin’s supposed growth and increased LTC adoption within new exchanges. With the overall market being bullish, he expects that LTC will gain momentum due to its low price per coin.

    What makes this particular analysis interesting is that it was given at the end of 2017, when markets were extremely bullish. Now, $600 seems to be very far away from reality, even with a recent bull run.

    2. George Tung - Litecoin Halving Prediction 2019

    Apart from Brian Kelly, crypto analyst DiPasquale also believes that LTC is in the midst of a bullish run. However, his assumption is much more conservative, going for a prediction of $150 at the end of 2019. Commenting on the situation in the market Forbes, he explained that the resistance level was breached at $125. Thus, LTC has a clear path towards $150 level if Bitcoin’s price holds up at the $7,600 – $8,000 range.

    3. Wallet Investor - Litecoin Halving Prediction 2019

    There are also analysts that are not that positive regarding the LTC’s long term fortunes. Wallet Investor is one of them, predicting that LTC will drop down in value substantially by 2020. The platform believes that $75 is a realistic price tag, making LTC a bad coin to invest in right now. At the time of the analysis, LTC stood at $129.

    4. Trading Beasts - Litecoin Halving Prediction 2019

    Apart from Wallet Investor, Trading Beasts joined the group of crypto analysts that think LTC will drop in value. The fear of bearish trends seems to seep into the trading platform, as it provided that maximum price for LTC within August 2019 will be $109.77, a drop of 31% from the current value. However, Trading Beasts added that 2020 will be the year where LTC would regain its price tag, as seen from the table below.


    Interestingly, the table provides results that signify that price will keep increasing after the halving. Apparently, it will take quite a bit of time to get there, as price from June 2020 shows.

    5. Captain Altcoin - Litecoin Halving Prediction 2019
    The prediction of Captain Altcoin does not exactly name price minimums and maximums like others do but commentary provides useful insights. Crypto analyst group stated that Litecoin lacks usefulness when compared to other blockchain projects. Additionally, it heavily relies on Bitcoin in terms of its value growth. Thus, if Bitcoin rises – it will rise.

    At the same time, Captain Altcoin did predict that LTC will be traded sideways during 2019, even with the impending block size halving.

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