Soccer star Didier Drogba becomes ambassador of the ICO


The mix between soccer and cryptocurrencies has become very popular in 2018. It already has several players interested in the industry, and the most recent, Didier Drogba, an Ex-Chelsea FC player and captain of the Ivory Coast team, has become ambassador of a platform that works with cryptocurrencies called

The platform combines a social network with a bank of cryptocurrencies and an exchange system that aims to share advertising revenues with its users. "While digital platforms keep all advertising revenue for, we now share half with users, depending on what they are," says project founder Artak Tovmasyan.

Drogba says he "believes a lot" in the project that has its own title and has already raised 30 million dollars in four parts, it is estimated that he makes his initial offer of currency (ICO) towards the end of 2018.

As explained on the project website, users will get rewards for their activity, popularity and content, use the platform, agree to be able to activate a public account through their profiles and then have their followers see those advertising.

New cryptocurrency data processing center starts operations in New York tokens can be used to buy items such as profile themes, stickers, gifts and monthly subscriptions to listen to music. You can also sell the tokens or exchange them for bitcoins.

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