ANN Tokenize Your Brand & go ahead of others!


Alright, sharks, it's time to get to know much more!

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Have you ever heard of BrandTokens? Probably yes, I've already asked about that, but now it's time to know more!

Not a promotion but rather an opportunity! Look, everybody starting with newbies and ending with business sharks are aware how cryptocurrencies are changing the game right now. And BrandTokens ( gives such a chance to get ahead of those many others who don’t realize it. How? Simply but at least like that:

  • with the help of BrandTokens you could tokenize your brand and consequently have a very powerful loyalty tool :)
  • thanks to transferability of tokens you could gain very useful data of your clients (where they came from, who gave your tokens to them, what are their spending habits, etc!)

There are a lot of things that I have not mentioned, so you now go to and see how cool it is indeed. Just see for yourself :)

P.S. There is a 300$ discount as for now, so just ask :)