WARNING!!! HitBTC marketplace is not returnin money

WARNING !!!! I've been using HitBTC for a good year now and this is a warning for all the other users and people considering using this site. DO NOT use their services, as they're a big SCAM!!! They've been holding my money for a year and I am unable to withdraw any of my funds, as I am intentionally not recieving any withdrawal e-mails and that problem seems to be spreading more and more within other users of HitBTC! I've trying to get help from the support team for a long time, with no luck as they have NO INTENTION IN HELPING… They are giving same unuseful advice to everyone and it never works. As moderators of their site and services, I'm sure they have control over the funds and what's going on on their site and would be able to transfer my funds manually, but wouldn't do that even after several e-mails asking them to. Learn from my (and several other's) situation that their services are not to be trusted, so for your own good, DO NOT USE HITBTC!!! They're scammers and will take all your money!!! (TICKET NUMBER #326839)