What is DLT technology?


The acronym DLT corresponds to a distributed Ledger technology. It is a consensus of digital information that is synchronized, replicated and shared among all the members of a network that can include from institutions to countries.

In this type of technology there is no figure of a central administrator, much less in a specific place where all the data are stored, which are distributed and replicated between the nodes of the same. To do this, there are complex mathematical algorithms that are resolved by the members as a consensus to approve and replicate the information.

With this, it can be said that the primary functionality of the DLT is the choice of any other part of the world, forming a red in which these shared data will validate them and the registrars in a specific way without having to go to a third party so that the take care and administration. It is for this reason that it is often considered decentralized.

However, an important feature is the fact that the implementer has the condition of establishing the conditions under which it is operating. So that the Technology of Distributed Accounting exists an implementing figure that allows the structure of said technology, its operation and its purpose, whatever it does about the decentralized character mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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