What is NEAR


NEAR is a public chain based on the account model. It uses a new consensus mechanism called Authority Proof, which enables the NEAR public chain to support a transaction throughput of 100,000 transactions per second. NEAR achieves efficient transaction processing capabilities through sharding technology, and it adopts an account model, which means that each account on NEAR has its own storage space, which is different from Ethereum's storage model.

NEAR's vision is to build a decentralized global computing platform, and it firmly believes that the Web3 era requires a new computing platform to support the development of large-scale applications. Through its efficient consensus mechanism, sharding technology, account model and other innovative designs, the NEAR public chain is committed to meeting the needs of high performance, high scalability and high availability in the Web3 era.

The NEAR ecosystem already has some important partners and ecosystem builders, such as NEAR Grants, NEAR Studio, etc., which provide strong support for the development of the NEAR ecosystem. In addition, NEAR continues to expand the influence of its ecosystem through cooperation and integration with other projects, and attracts more developers and users to join it.

NEAR token is the native token of the NEAR public chain. It is mainly used to pay transaction fees, participate in governance, and provide liquidity to the ecosystem. NEAR token holders can participate in the consensus process by staking tokens and obtain certain rewards and rights.

In general, NEAR is a decentralized computing platform with high performance, high scalability and high availability. It is committed to becoming one of the infrastructures in the Web3 era. Through its innovative consensus mechanism, sharding technology, account model and other designs, NEAR is continuously striving to meet the needs of large-scale applications and promote the development of the entire blockchain industry.