YouTuber Chris Dunn is worth a look

Discussion in 'Podcasts/Conference' started by The CC Forums, Jul 27, 2019.

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  1. The CC Forums

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    I enjoy Chris Dunn’s cryptocurrency YouTube videos quite a lot. He doesn’t post regularly or on any sort of schedule, but his topics are interesting, and he goes into some depth.

    Here’s a recent video on valuations.

  2. CryptoTC

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    FYI, Dunn’s content was victim of the YouTube Christmas Crypto Purge last month. Most of it was restored but he is now posting his content on multiple platforms.

    If YouTube pissed anyone else off like me when this happened, look at the other options.

    10 Best Alternatives to Youtube in 2019

    Dtube is blockchain based. Vimeo is ad-free. Chris Dunn is also using LBRY.TV

    How I'm Decentralizing My Content (YouTube Censorship Fallout) from @chrisdunntv on

    Trading vs. Investing - Which Is Better? (WTM Ep: 004) from @chrisdunntv on
  3. wikimitral

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    I really liked his videos, thanks.

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