1. C

    When the currency circle is quiet, it is time for us to think

    Today's currency circle is relatively calm, there is not much news, there is no good market. Let us take this quiet period and let us sum up and seriously consider the difficulties we encountered when investing. Be prepared to welcome the next change in the currency circle because it will allow...
  2. maydayqin

    Meet the four cryptocurrencies that currently have great potential

    With 2017 becoming history, the cryptocurrency market will usher in a new era in 2018. Looking back at 2017, we will find what opportunities are in the 2018 cryptocurrency market. There are many cryptocurrencies that have great potenial in thee future. Let’s meet the four cryptocurrencies that...
  3. maydayqin

    Meet the new generation of cryptocurrencies in the blockchain

    At present, there are many new-generation cryptocurrencies in the blockchain. These cryptocurrencies have great potential that Investors are very optimistic about them. Now, let’s take a closer look at these new generation of cryptocurrencies. 1.PRIZM(PZM) PRIZM(PZM) is the first fair...
  4. Danish Hameed

    Bloomberg Officially Launches Cryptocurrency Index

    The purpose of the index will be to track the largest components of the cryptocurrency market, and is market cap weighted by the 10 top US traded cryptocurrencies. Amidst the rising popularity of digital currencies, Bloomberg can officially be added to the growing list of cryptocurrency indexes...
  5. maydayqin

    How much do you know about these currencies in the blockchain?

    Maybe you have heard about some famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, but there are many other currencies have not been known to the general public. Now let’s take a closer look at these currencies. 1.About Pillar Pillar is a platform driven by its own tokens. The Pillar token...