eSports betting set to grow rapidly


Crypto Fat Cat
You see these games on ESPN all the time. eSports revenue is expected to triple by 2020 with estimates of $1.5 Billion. Betting on NFL games exceeds overall revenue from the NFL. Newegg speculates that eSports betting could do the same,

Esports revenues will reach $696M in 2017 and $1.5Bn by 2020

See this quote at that link.

“Betting on esports is the hottest topic in the real-money gaming industry, as betting companies see esports as a huge “blue ocean” opportunity. Three years ago, a traditional betting company stated that esports was already its seventh-biggest sport worldwide in terms of betting volume, positioning it above golf and tennis. Traditional sports market reports do not include betting or fantasy league business models, let alone sponsorships from these betting companies. The two industries are sep- arate for obvious reasons. Moreover, sports betting is a far bigger business than sports media rights, sponsorship, and consumer revenues put together. As an example, the NFL generated $13 billion last year, but betting and fantasy leagues around the NFL games are supposed to have made north of $50 billion. With most big betting companies already embracing esports betting on a global scale, it’s possible that esports betting alone is larger than the esports economy itself.”