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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by The CC Forums, Nov 21, 2017.

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    We just posted a quick summary on ways to buy bitcoin. It's an overview of 5 methods to get started, from buying on exchanges to using the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust. Read the article here and then be sure to come to this forum with any questions, comments or suggestions for future topics.

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    Superb. Because most of the people are start to invest in Bitcoin. Because it is decentralized currency. You can purchase the product , buy the house using bitcoin. But you need more details while start journey with bitcoin refer bitcoin exchange script .
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    Thanks. I plan on updating that article with some of newer ways to get started. So many new exchanges and investment trusts popping that info is outdated 2 weeks after publication. :)
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  4. lubosold

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    Great article with some good info in it. When are you planning to update it?
  5. Environmental

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    Thank you for the article! It was a great read! It's awesome that you are offering support here!
    As far as I understood it, the best way out there to maximize your profit is through a bitcoin exchange account?
  6. Mario Thomas

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    Great read! I prefer creating an account at an exchange will be the easiest and more profitable way to buy bitcoin.
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    Exchanges are the easiest on boarding route to bitcoin purchase, but not necessarily the cheapest depending on how you buy. Using the trading exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Bittrex and Kraken is much cheaper than Coinbase. The investment trusts trade at premiums to the underlying owned coins, and there’s a fee to buy as well as an annual fee quietly charged as an “operating expense ratio.”

    You can avoid all of those fees buying bitcoin directly on one of the trading platforms. Still Coinbase fees are much lower than localbitcoins or ATM’s as noted in that article. With crypto trading in more narrow ranges these days, those fees are a more important consideration than they were when bitcoin was soaring to the moon.

    As the article notes, Grayscale is a good way to have bitcoin in a retirement account. Be careful doing that, though, given the extreme risk and volatility of bitcoin.

    ETF’s will give those interested in bitcoin but concerned about crypto exchanges and the hassles of storing and securing bitcoin an easier way to buy. IF they ever get approved.
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  8. CryptoMate

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    Investing in Bitcoin now depends on money, we have to accept it :)
  9. CryptoNow

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    Thanks for the useful info, it is still relevant for the newbies. I prefer to buy on trustworthy exchanges.
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  10. Mary Lucy

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    thank you for help!
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