1. A

    How/Why everyone should use The Brave Browser (short read)

    Everyday blockchain use (No Payment Required) Part 1. The Brave Browser Everyone thinks that blockchain is this far off nebulous technology that will someday disrupt big brother, and man, do I hope that happens. But until it does, we can start supporting blockchain technology in our everyday...
  2. BitFit

    Ethereum buyers today?

    With Ethereum dropping back to late 2017 levels, is anyone buying? Anyone buying the manipulation theory that big investors are coming in so prices are getting pushed down in advance? I haven’t been happy with crypto in months. I still have gains but dwindling fast. Someone give me some...
  3. M

    Seriously, who buys 'Jokecoins'?!

    Analysis of 'jokecoins' and the reasons why people decide to buy them! People actually pay money for these useless tokens — You must be joking?! The article takes a look at Dogecoin (of course), but also some lesser known jokecoins: - Useless Ethereum Token - **** Trump Coin - Jesus Coin -...
  4. M

    New tool i've been working on to discover/research ERC20 Tokens and check Ethereum addresses

    Trivial Its a powerful network explorer which gives stats, news and advanced search. Full functionalities outlined in this article - How to use to explore the Ethereum network Hopefully its useful - any feedback and/or shares much appreciated!
  5. V

    Mosaic market reports

    Mosaic constantly monitors a wide range of sources for cryptoasset news and summarizes the most interesting items in a daily newsletter. In addition, we are now providing this weekly roundup which draws together and analyzes our favorite news and features of the week. Mt. Gox, its trustee, and...
  6. The CC Forums

    Ethereum token forum requests

    Welcome to the Ethereum section of our forums. We plan on building out specific sections for projects and tokens using member interest as our guide. If you feel that a specific token or project needs its own separate forums section, please post a request in this thread. Please don't use this...
  7. M

    Blockchain of Things — cool things happen when IoT & Distributed Ledger Tech collide

    I wrote an article on IoT projects built on top of Ethereum. Blockchain of Things — cool things happen when IoT & Distributed Ledger Tech collide Blockchain and IoT are both groundbreaking technologies, that will see increasing adoption in the next few years. By combining them, will they...
  8. The CC Forums

    Ethereum Casper upgrade is closer

    According to Coindesk article, Ethereum network upgrade is near. The Code for Ethereum's Consensus Change Is Now Ready for Review - CoinDesk New code written to change the way the ethereum network reaches consensus is now ready for review, developers said Friday. Ethereum improvement...
  9. The CC Forums

    “Ether not a security” investment groups plead

    This would probably have some implications for ICO’s I would imagine. From CCN. A trade group representing venture capital firms that invest in cryptocurrencies has requested that US securities...
  10. The CC Forums

    New Ether Fund opens trading

    From Coindesk today. I expect more and more of these types of crypto investment vehicles to open in 2018. Many people who, don’t want to deal with crypto exchanges and wallets, securely, long addresses, encryption and more will simply buy into these funds. Ether Investment Firm Begins...