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    Video and analysis about OmiseGO.

    Hey, Guys! Let me share a very interesting video and analysis about OmiseGO. This completely and clearly explains how it works in a very simple way!
  2. R

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This guy Ed is really good!"
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    Get Free Tokens With TAU Coin As from 1st August we are launching our testnet and web wallet and we have an offer ending in the next 24 hours. Get your Free TAU Coins today by visiting our site and clicking on The Free Token link is on the right hand side next to specification...
  4. juliusliu

    Analysis of 1 ethereum to usd chart today

    The ethereum, which just broke through the resistance point of $450, has been reduced to less than $450 after about 8 hours. The current ethereum price is 447.48 usd. After the price rises only 454 dollars, it encounters resistance and stops rising. Appear a downward trend. At 20:43, it...
  5. A

    Ethereum VS BitCoin

    A few factors and upcoming events may be pointing out that the next big wave of mass audience investors and fresh money may be coming to Ethereum and not Bitcoin. 3 key catalysts that may drive the Ethereum capitalization close to Bitcoin’s 1. Ethereum Futures are expected to be launched soon...
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    Make forums requests here

    Have a favorite token or a suggestion for a subject that you think deserves its own forum? Start a separate thread here with complete info, and we’ll move the best threads into their own forum. Material must be in-depth, simple shilling won’t do. Commercial posts for products, platforms, apps...
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    Brief history of Ethereum and tokenization

    From the Featured section of the main page. Questions and discussion welcome. When Bitcoin went live in January of 2009, it seemed that the peer-to-peer payment system had grasped the full potential of blockchain. After all, for the first time, Bitcoin allowed for a decentralized payment...
  8. The CC Forums

    Differences between bitcoin and Ethereum explained

    See the front page article. Bitcoin and Ethereum compared: The Lion and the Shark - The Cryptocurrency Forums For many people just getting started in the cryptocurrency space things can be a little confusing. How do other cryptocurrencies relate to bitcoin? Are all other cryptocurrencies...
  9. S

    Trade UKG on alanmaster's Watchlist

    "UnikoinGold (on Watchlist) - Possible Gold" by trader alanmasters — published July 02, 2018
  10. A

    Ready, Traders? Meet Columbus - Epicenter of Decentralization

    With the digital release of “Ready Player One” coming out tomorrow (followed by Blu-ray on July 24), it got me thinking. If you recall, the events of the movie take place in Columbus, which thanks to a VR revolution, is the fastest growing city on Earth. As it happens IRL, the author of the...