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Cryptocurrencies today are very important and many of peoples are buying/selling them. Now no one is saving their moneys on bank, but they play with money so have the opportunity to win more and more.

But what is EtherTrade?
EtherTrade is great platform for peoples to win moneys within minutes. You can see many videos on youtube how peoples win moneys there. You just need to invest some moneys there, then you follow the statistics,charts, read news, see how many peoples are buying/selling and decide to buy or to sell. For example you put 50 Ethers there and you decide that BitCoin will go up on value on next minute. After 1 minute, if value of Bitcoin goes up, you win 47.5 Ethers. Many peoples are making today thousand of moneys with it. Go , create your account and join it.

Here you can see a video how to win:

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Systems that promise to make investing for large gains easy often turn out to be scams. The more YouTube videos there are promising big money and offering affiliate links with discounts, the less likely it is to be legit.

If you want to invest in Ethereum, buy Ethereum. Don’t fall for complex systems asking you to send in your money to invest their way.


Crypto Fat Cat
You aren’t really investing in anything. Your guessing on market direction. You’re betting on which way market will move and by how much.

It’s gambling, not investing. Pick an asset with good long term prospects and make regular buys. That strategy will serve disciplined investors well over the long term. Get rich quick methods fail early and often for people trying to game the system. Invest for long-term. Get rich slowly, that actually works.