Good News, Dubai Web Firm is Accepting Ripple as a Payment



Recently, Ultimez Technology, which is one of the top web design companies has confirmed new cryptocurrency payment solution for web, digital, and branding solution. Hence, all the web services are carried out by accepting cryptocurrencies –especially Ripple — as a mode of payment at its Dubai office.

Herein, the firm has created the most efficient approach to experience web-related services for domestic and international clients.

Ultimez Technology is glomming onto the hot Crypto payments trend — We are in the first row of software companies that are welcoming Blockchain technology as a means of payment. Interestingly, International clients can now have the most modernize approach to all web-related services at Ultimez Technology.

Excited To Know More?

You can either mail your queries to or by creating support tickets. The tickets can be created by the link provided below:

Crypto Web Service | Ultimez Web Design | Accept Bitcoin payment
Alongside Ripple, the company also accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Neo, Verge, and Litecoin.

Website: Ultimez