1. juliusliu

    Bitcoin $8500 9/24/19

    Bitcoin has long been known to be the most valuable of cryptocurrencies, indeed, regardless of the time and value of the issue. More importantly, its limited nature, with a total of only 21 million in bitcoin, can be said to be very precious. The price of Bitcoin has risen and fallen, and it...
  2. BitFit

    What alts will survive now?

    Nice write up on getting started as the first post in this section. You may want to sticky that if you plan on adding more advanced steps as new posts. So, bitcoin we all want again. What else do we all want? Ethereum because the VM will eventually have apps running on it. XRP because banks...
  3. The CC Forums

    Bitcoin FAQ

    Post questions and answers on bitcoin here.
  4. R

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This guy Ed is really good!"
  5. C


    Get Free Tokens With TAU Coin As from 1st August we are launching our testnet and web wallet and we have an offer ending in the next 24 hours. Get your Free TAU Coins today by visiting our site and clicking on The Free Token link is on the right hand side next to specification...
  6. C

    Cloudbet's Bitcoin Cash Birthday Bash!

    On August 1st 2018 bitcoin cash will be one year old, and Cloudbet are marking this historic event with another promotion to reward fans of the fork! Last year Cloudbet made history by becoming the first online sportsbook and casino to honour the Bitcoin Fork, crediting players who had...
  7. juliusliu

    The development of cryptocurrency is maturing

    From the situation starting this week, there is still a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, not only cryptocurrencies, but also blockchains. The most popular bitcoin in cryptocurrency, the price is still declining compared to the highest price of $8,404 that appeared last week. It was...
  8. founderofcryptocurrency

    The number of bitcoin atm continues to increase worldwide

    Currently, according to the statistics of coinatmradar, there are 3,443 Bitcoin ATMs in 73 countries around the world, and 79.75% of ATMs in North America, followed by Europe with 20.03%, and Asia with only 2%. Click Live Market of Bitcoin to know the lastest bitcoin price At present, more...
  9. juliusliu

    How to pay use cryptocurrency

    More and more people are curious and questionable about one of the uses of cryptocurrency, namely for payment. In general, the prices of the goods and services we purchase are constant, and the purchasing power of legal tenders remains constant for a long time, so it is accepted that the use of...
  10. Rajesh Shirsagar

    Non-Bitcoin Applications of Blockchain Technology

    What are Non-Bitcoin Applications of Blockchain Technology?