1. C

    What do you know about these crypto coins?

    Cryptocurrencies are going fast, so as well the underlying technologies the tickers based on. But there is still no answer to whether blockchain and its accessories will be thoroughly accepted it by human society or not. If you are a crypto coins holders or a holder-to-be, keeping your mind up...
  2. C

    Crypto Market Reports

    Crypto Market Regulation Overview and Prospects Report, Part II This article is a continuing series of the research done by Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application, the research arm of Huobi Pro; It’s a sneak preview of the detailed report of Crypto Market Regulation Overview and Prospects...
  3. Covesting

    Scottish Hospital Begins Treating Cryptocurrency Addiction

    Scotland-based Castle Craig Hospital has begun offering treatment to patients that are diagnosed with addiction to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Much like other risky behaviors such as gambling, the clinic believes that crypto-trading can become a form of behavioral...
  4. EthanLian

    Good News, Dubai Web Firm is Accepting Ripple as a Payment

    Recently, Ultimez Technology, which is one of the top web design companies has confirmed new cryptocurrency payment solution for web, digital, and branding solution. Hence, all the web services are carried out by accepting cryptocurrencies –especially Ripple — as a mode of payment at its Dubai...
  5. pilihuo45

    5/23Fidelium & COMSA [XEM] & Safe Trade Coin & Golos Gold Quotes

    0523 Newcastle currency market report, Fidelium (FID) prices fell by 18.14% before the press release, the unit price fell to 0.150746 US dollars, the total market value is unknown, comprehensive ranking 1431, a comprehensive score of 3.2 points, 24-hour trading volume of 83,427 US dollars, a...