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    Tips for beginners in crypto

    In the front page article we emphasize patience but also urge investors to learn the exchange platform tools to help not only with fees but also to take advantage of limit orders to control where you want to buy in. Tips for beginning crypto investors - The Cryptocurrency Forums I’m a big...
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    Will crypto assets takeover cryptocurrencies?

    Will crypto assets takeover cryptocurrencies?
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    KZ Map: A new initiative from KZ Cash, Asia’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

    KZ Cash is Asia’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 25000+ visitors on their websites. They have shown a lot of potential in past some time. I bet you have never seen this much growth in this lessen time. The last time I checked they were at 2.9 USD for one 1 KZC. They have estimated 1000...
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    Cryptonex CNX coin

    Cryptonex is my recent favourite and I invest in it due to several reasons. 1. cnx coin is increasing (7 times in 3 months!) 2. easy pos mining - there’s no need to invest in mining hardware. It’s enough to buy CNX transfer it to a wallet and to keep online. You will gain 12% annually I wish I...
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    The next big thing in Crypto?

    Hi has anyone heard of, it’s a crypto currency, and a friend of my in Australia suggested I buy some MSPT. If anyone has any info on this coin please let me know. Thanks
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    Member Introductions

    New members be sure to check in here. Let us know a little about you. Don’t reveal any private info or financial info. Remember telling everyone you made a fortune in DOGE makes you a target for scammers, hackers and thieves. It’s OK to share which coins you like and/or hold. Just don’t let...